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Soldier Attack 1Soldier Attack 1

Soldier Attack 1 is an interesting shooting game. Play as a solider to shoot the enemies on the board. Enemies are laid out on different places, ...


Flying in a snow world is a beautiful thing, now you have the chance. You need to control a ball flying in this mystery and dangerous snow world,...

Bounzy OnlineBounzy Online

Bounzy Online is an interesting defense game, you need to protect your hometown and keep them safe. To do that, you need some powerful weapons an...

Tiny DefenderTiny Defender

Tiny Defender is a fast-pace arcade game, in this game you need to shoot your enemies and avoid your armies. Don't shoot wrong people or you will...

Demon ExterminationDemon Extermination

Demon Extermination is a shooting game. What you control is a tank. Adjust the angle and launch missiles to destroy demons. You can collect gold ...

Cyber ShootingsCyber Shootings

The computer failed works. Your master found that the computer needs virus checking.Play as the PC doctor to kill the virus in cyber space.The my...

Pig InvadersPig Invaders

You are the commander of the Allied space station protecting the earth. Our reconnaissance investigation showed that 5 hostile pigs entered our b...

Freekick TrainingFreekick Training

Freekick Training is a different game combined football and physics. In this game you need to collect stars and shoot the goal using your ball. T...

Zombies AttackZombies Attack

Many people became zombies for the infection of the deadly virus. Once bit by the zombie, more and more people will become zombies. Go to the str...

Temple DefenceTemple Defence

Now you are the Sniper, your mission is to shoot all enemies. You must shot as fast as you can. With the increase of the level, the number of the...

Aliens Burning ZombiesAliens Burning Zombies

Now you are the aliens and your enemy is zombies, You should kill these zombies as fast as you can. It's a 2players game, so you can play it with...


It's a multiplayer game. You can enter the space arena to have a battle. You must be powerful enough and to survive. Of course, You can play this...

Sky Warrior 2 InvasionSky Warrior 2 Invasion

Sky Warrior 2 is a Shooting game. You goal in this game is to destroy enemies' aircraft and fighters, save people and collect various improvement...


Gats.io is a multiplayer game. You need to use the obstacle as cover from enemy fire. When your opponents run out of ammo, the need reload. That'...


Men and Monster will be a battle. How will you choose? Play this PvP game and invite your friends to join your team. Whatever you choose. The mon...

Penguin Vs SnowmenPenguin Vs Snowmen

Now, you are the penguin, You should protect your house from attacking of the snowman. Shoot them up quickly! Good luck!controls:Mouse

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